Academic Curriculum

Commitment to Academic Excellence

The Ananda Marga River School’s academic curriculum is designed to achieve excellence through its integrated and inquiry-based programs. The Australian National Curriculum for English, Mathematics, History and Science, along with the school’s Neohumanist philosophy, forms the foundation from which all innovative and child-centred learning stems.

Classes are purposely kept small to enable maximum student/teacher interaction and the building of genuine learning relationships. Teaching programs are tailored to meet individual learning styles, small group and whole class needs. Learning experiences are continually built upon to allow students to strive for their best, take risks and challenge themselves to expand their learning to higher levels of achievement.

We have a strong commitment to ensuring our students are kept up to date with the latest technological advancements. The school has sets of Ipads that are used throughout the school.   We have a hub of  iMac computers in our Library for use as part of our Media extension program as well as for class studies.  Students learn to edit video and produce clay animation works as part of their unit work.  Every class has use of laptops for utilising during class rotations. All classrooms (Prep to Year 6) have Activboards (interactive smart whiteboards) to enhance learning experiences.

Children learn all necessary skills including Internet research, typing, web design, report-writing, layout and more, through practical projects, e.g. movie-making, Keynote and Powerpoint presentations. Use of computers is strictly limited to school-related pursuits (non-educational games are not permitted).

Special Themes and Project-Approach Learning

In order to integrate the various learning areas, and make learning current and relevant, teachers and students choose regular themes and projects. For example, a theme of “ponds” in Year 1 included water testing, poetry writing, painting, nature studies and many other activities. A Year 3 class decision to raise money to help injured wildlife inspired a play about “The Council of Animals” for the public, with many related activities such as costume and stage design, advertising, food preparation, fundraising and budgeting, learning about animals and their habitats, and more. Other themes have included study of the world’s religions, ecology and recycling.

Our curriculum offers students a rich variety of skills. Complimenting the academics is the school’s meditation and yoga, music, art, and indigenous studies programs. Experts in these fields are employed to ensure students have access to quality learning.

Teachers at the River School have a demonstrated passion for the teaching profession and a true love of children. Their aim is to empower students with a desire to learn, and in turn develop deep understandings so that students are in a position to make choices based on critical thinking and self-knowledge.

Our teaching team is committed to ensuring your child is safe, happy and free to learn.

Empowerment Centre

The Empowerment Centre is a place of learning where students at the River School are provided with intensive literacy tuition to ensure that they reach their full potential in the classroom. Programs run at the Empowerment Centre are individually tailored to meet the needs of each student and are designed to compliment their learning preferences.

The Empowerment Centre maintains a close relationship with all classroom teachers. This in turn guarantees that learning activities completed at the Centre support the students’ classroom learning. At the end of each term a progress report is complied for each student, drawing upon qualitative and quantitative data collected throughout the term. The programs run for 10 weeks, after which students are often given a well-deserved break that allows them to consolidate their understanding in the classroom setting uninterrupted. If further assistance is required, students then return to the centre refreshed from their break and ready for the next challenge.

The primary purpose of the Empowerment Centre is to provide opportunities where all students can reach their potential. The programs described above have been running successfully for over a year. The Empowerment Centre has recently expanded its activities to include learning opportunities for gifted and curious pupils of the River school who want to extend themselves. This includes, for example, a literacy club for tomorrow’s authors and public commentators, an explorers programs for young scientists and environmentalists, as well as a creative space for artists.

The Empowerment Centre is inspired by Neohumanist values. It is the intention of the Centre to instill in students a lifelong love of learning, a sense of connectedness with the world, a sense of freedom to express themselves, and the confidence to contribute meaningfully to their community and to the world.