School Mission

Our mission is to facilitate each child’s development to their highest spiritual, mental, emotional and physical potential.

Through meditation and yoga, children develop intuition, empathy and sensitivity to perceive the Oneness of all beings.

Through the modelling of their teachers and community and through virtues study, they learn strong interpersonal skills and create a firm moral base.

By developing rationality, they choose for themselves the right path in life.

Wholesome vegetarian food, sport and outdoor play teach them how to develop healthy lifestyles.

Imaginative play, art and music  give them the creativity and aesthetic sense to help forge a new and beautiful world.

Excellent and progressive academic study help them develop the skills to bring their idealism and unique gifts into the world.

The school also serves the larger parent and local community through educational and other events with an inclusive, cooperative approach.

We model a new approach to education and create leaders who value universal spirituality and the joy of service.