School History

The community land on which the school is situated was purchased in 1984. It comprises a total of 52 acres and a community of five families. In 1987, the community decided to set aside a portion of the land (some 25 acres to the south of a gully which divides the property) for Ananda Marga projects. This portion of the land was named Ananda Kamala meaning “Bliss of the lotus flower”. The first project, the Ananda Marga River School, opened in 1995 with 23 students. The school’s name was decided by the children who enjoyed playing in beautiful Bridge Creek that runs through the school.

The dedication and passion of the Prout Community, Ananda Marga Education and numerous Dada’s and Didi’s has shaped the River School to become a leader of Neohumanist educational practices.  Some of the original founders of the school remain on the Prout community and continue to be significant contributors to the school culture and environment.  Prabha Demasson, a co-founder and major contributor to the development of the school, served 16 years as Deputy Principal, and 3 years as Principal before leaving in 2013.  At this time, Jenny Oakley was appointed as the new Principal to continue the legacy and vision of the school founders.  In 2017 Anne Donoghoe, who has been with the school since 2007, was appointed Principal of the River School.

Here are some archival photos of the school’s history:

Contact Information

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