Just One Day (Anti-Poverty Week)

To strengthen our students’ understanding of global poverty and assist them to be the change-makers of tomorrow, on Friday 21st October the River School took part in the Just One Day Challenge. The focus of this challenge was to ‘live simply’ for just a day, so that the children could experience what it meant to give up some of the things that we take for granted and further, form a greater understanding of what life is like for families living in poor communities here and overseas.

A brief summary of challenges that the students undertook on the day was:

  • Eat simply – rice was made by our Year 6 class and served for lunch for a gold coin donation
  • The students drank only water for the day
  • Any food that the children brought from home was simple e.g. fruit or a couple of slices of bread and butter only
  • Turn off technology – in classrooms the interactive whiteboards were turned off, as well as any computers, fans or heaters.

In our classrooms, teachers chose to move all desks aside and use the floor only.  The students undertook a range of creative and fun activities such as making a soccer ball out of old plastic bags, newspaper and string.

It was a wonderful learning experience for all involved and these small acts of scarcity went a long way in teaching the students about the realities of life for a large portion of the world’s population.

Just One Day hockey game

Kids Teaching Kids Conference 2016

The Sunshine Coast Council hosted the annual Kids Teaching Kids conference on Thursday & Friday the 1st and 2nd of September at the Kawana Community Centre and surrounding areas.

The River School Yr 5 class (under the guidance of our Arts & Cultural Studies Teacher, Alieta Belle) presented a workshop on Eco-Dyeing techniques, utilising natural products like leaves to dye natural materials.  We were honoured to be the recipients of both the Outstanding Presentation Award as well as the Kid’s Choice Award for Most Dynamic Display.  Well done Year 5!


Harmony Day

Harmony Day 2016 was celebrated on 21st March.  This event is held to highlight and celebrate Australia’s diversity.  The River School choir and Year 5 class practiced and performed a number of songs (along with the Maleny Primary School) under the guidance of Lisa McDonald and Stephanie Arlidge.  The children performed at a number of locations in Maleny including Tesch Park and the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre.

Harmony Day 2016

Knitfest 2016

Over the weekend of 10th-12th June, the River School was involved in a local community event called Knitfest which involved yarnbombing the Maleny township.  The River School’s display was a beautiful addition and highlighted the plight of refugee children still being held in detention centres.  Both River School children and parents were involved in creating the magnificent installation.

Knitfest 1Knitfest 2

Laos Student Homestay

 In Term 3 of 2016 the River School hosted 9 Laos students, 2 Laos teachers and a visiting Didi from the Sunshine School in Vientiane, Laos.  The students stayed with River School homestay families. The students enjoyed numerous excursions around the Sunshine Coast & Brisbane, visiting Australia Zoo, Underwater World, Maleny Dairies, the Maleny Botanical Gardens as well as enjoying a day of strawberry picking and having a day in Brisbane exploring the Museum and the city.

On Friday 29th July they hosted a beautiful Café Night for the school community where they served up traditional Laos fare and delighted the families with some traditional Laos dancing.

It was an absolute pleasure to have them with us and to have the students involved in our classrooms.

Laos students 2016