The school year is always full of enriching events for our whole school community.  Some of the highlights of the 2017 year have been:

Whole School Camp Out & Cafe Night

The first major school activity for the year was our Annual Whole School Camp Out & Cafe Night.  In 2017 it was held on the school oval on Friday 24th February and camping spots were available from 4pm on the day.   The event was open to the whole school community and were entertained by a range of performances from our students and their families.  The camp out was again acknowledged as quite the highlight of the school year.


Harmony Day 2017

The Year 5 students from the River School joined in harmony with the Maleny State Primary & High Schools to promote harmony & cultural diversity on the 21st March for Harmony Day 2017.  They joined with the state school students to sing songs in the streets of Maleny that promote unity & inclusion for all.  We were so very proud of our students for their outstanding commitment to this worthy cause.

Warrior Camp

In Term 1 our Year 6 students attended our annual Warrior Camp, run by the outstanding team from Resilient Leaders Foundation (James & Kirsty Greenshields).  This camp has become an annual rite of passage for our students.  The Young Warrior Leadership Camp is designed to assist young people develop an understanding of personal resilience and equip them with skills to grow into balanced, loving men & women.  To learn more about the Resilient Leaders Foundation, you can find a link to their site here – https://www.facebook.com/ResilientLeadersFoundation/


Swimming Carnival

The 2017 River School Swimming Carnival was a fabulous day!!!  Our swimmers challenged their own personal best times and our wonderful River School community (teachers, parents and friends) joined together to assist with supervision and contributed to the success of today!

Behind the Mask Art Exhibition

Our Year 6 students worked with our talented Arts & Cultural teacher, Alieta Belle to host their first public art exhibiton – Beyond the Mask.  The exhibition was held at the Forest Art Gallery in Maleny.   The intention of the process was to engage the students in story telling and meaning-making through art. During the first few weeks of the mask-making process, the students worked in pairs to sculpt their own faces using plaster bandage.  Once the masks were cast, they were encouraged to study the shape of the mask, its texture, how it made them feel and consider how they would decorate it. By the third week, our River School art shed was running more like a collaborative art studio than a school art room with everyone working independently on their own mask and using different materials and art processes. Some students were inspired by stories from home, nature themes or favourite animals. Other students were inspired by the materials themselves, embellishing their masks with found objects, beads, feathers, natural materials, fabrics or using etching tools to carve designs back into the mask.









Unity Project

On Friday 26th May our Year 5 and 6 students were invited to weave their individual paths, connecting with many others, to become part of the UNITY project organised by local artisans Leeza Stratford and Janey Monaghan. This inspiring project, set up in the main street of Maleny, was a larger than life structure designed to offer people an opportunity to celebrate their uniqueness and strengthen ties to each other. “The project consisted of 32 bamboo poles arranged in a large circle. Each pole was labeled with an identifier such as, ‘I love dogs,’ ‘I speak a second language’ etc. Participants tied colourful yarn to posts that reflected their identities. As a result, their yarn intertwined with others to create a web of interconnectedness.”

Visit from the Maleny Fire Service

On the 12th June, our Year 1 students were visited by our local Maleny Fire Crew to discuss fire safety.  They heard all about what you should do in a fire, different types of fires and they even had an opportunity to inspect the fire truck and take turns of the fire hose.  We are very grateful to the local crew for sharing their time & expertise with our students.

NEOHUMANISM – The heart and soul of education

Over the mid year school holidays, the River School staff joined international delegates for three days of inspiration and sharing as we explored the heart of Neohumanist Education.  We met and learnt from global leaders in Neohuamanist Education, shared with other educators and celebrated this pioneering system of education with our colleagues.

​A variety of workshops for both Early Childhood Education and Primary were offered and included topics appropriate for teachers and administrators.

Australia is a world leader in progressive education and the Ananda Marga River school is a leader in Australia bringing the newest ideas into our classrooms with love and creativity.