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Welcome to the Ananda Marga River School, a community of learning for children from Pre-Kindy to Year 7. The River School teaches and nurtures through a holistic approach embracing a global education movement within a unique environment. Our Primary School and Early Childhood Centre are located in a beautiful rainforest setting five minutes from Maleny township.


“I love our school. I love our school so much I want to be a teacher so I never have to leave it. It has a heart that beats on its own, the most amazingly devoted and incredible teachers and a spiritual philosophy that is hard to dispute. It’s blissful!” Parent

“I am more and more thankful for working in such a beautiful community. I feel supported and nourished by something that the River School offers that is not necessarily tangible but is very much alive and rich. There is a deeper level of substance and truth that hovers over the place and infuses everything. I feel touched by this and the more I work here, the more I recognise it.” Teacher

School Videos

Our New Posters

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Neohumanist Virtues

Last term we introduced our new virtues program based on ten major virtues that are central to our Neohumanist philosophy:

1. Love is the sweetest and most special feeling of happiness within yourself.
2. Compassion is spreading the feeling of love within yourself to include others.
3. Service is when you express your compassion by helping others without expecting anything in return.
4. Respect is positive regard for yourself and for others.
5. Honesty is using your words and actions for the bene”t of others as well as yourself.
6. Responsibility is when you act properly for yourself, others and society.
7. Courage is doing the right thing, whether it’s easy or hard, because you know in your heart it’s the right thing to do.
8. Simple Living is living in the best possible way for yourself, others and the planet.
9. Contentment is being satis”ed with what you have and how you live your life.
10. Creativity is the inspiration to artistically express yourself freely and openly.

We do one a week, so we go through all ten virtues each term, giving us the opportunity to really delve into the essence of each virtue, emphasising its importance and exploring its various aspects. So it’s really a work in progress as we think of new things, focus on different aspects, and find new and creative ways of expressing the same virtues. Each class prepares a presentation (play, song, story, picture, music, poem, etc.) for one particular virtue to present at Morning Circle when that virtue comes up. Here’s a couple of videos that were made for Respect and Courage.

Each class also works on an affirrmation for each virtue, and we compile them into a combined affirmation to be read out at the next Morning Circle, along with the virtue awards and presentation. Classes get a poster of the current virtue to display in their classrooms, and we have a display board in the foyer where virtue ideas can be posted.

Next year we’ll be doing our own lino cuts to illustrate each virtue, and we’ll be compilng all our material into a resource pack for each virtue at each year level.

Kindness of Gumnuts

The school year ended on a wonderfully high note with a beautiful and touching Morning Circle, an inspiring all-school Concert and a very moving Year 7 (Red Cedars) graduation party. Plus special events at the ECC and in the classrooms.

Among many memorable achievements this year is the new book published by the Gumnuts (Year 2) class: The Kindness of Gumnuts. 

Beautifully illustrated, it tells the story of their commitment to service  during the year, including numerous Random Acts of Kindness at school, at home, and in the wider community, through these weekly service tasks:

1. Their cooking service task had two aspects: making nori (sushi) rolls to sell for tuckshop lunches, and making a healthy and fresh garden salad and delicious vegetarian lasagne for the fortnightly Maleny Neighbourhood Centre community lunch.

2. Their crocheting service task involved learning the art of crocheting and making crocheted squares and trims which went to create a beautiful blanket in the colours of yellow, black and red for the elders of the Kapululangu indigenous community in remote Western Australia to raffle to raise money for their community welfare projects.

3. Their woodwork service task was to make planter boxes and take them up to the main street of Maleny where they each gave their individual boxes (filled with flowering plants) to a passerby as a pure gift from the heart.


4. Their gardening service task involved planting, maintaining and harvesting the school’s vegetable gardens to supply fresh produce for the tuckshop cooking elements, and planting and nurturing the flowering plants for the planter boxes.

5. Their gift boxes service task involved wrapping and decorating a shoebox and creating a back-to-school kit for children from struggling families. These were donated to the St Vincent de Paul Society for distribution as, at the start of each school year, they are regularly asked for support in this area.

Spring Festival

This year’s River School Spring Festival
was another magical (albeit hot!) day.
It was the perfect example of how wonderful
and inspiring the River School community is.
Children, parents and visitors alike enjoyed
the fun, food and festive atmosphere!

Watch the video here

The Web

The River School gives new meaning to the Web!

Community Service

We are cooking food (thanks to our tuckshop team) and bringing five students each time to serve it at the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre’s fortnightly community lunch. The Sugar Gliders (Prep) have also been going to entertain the crowds with their singing!

National Tree Day

Last Friday was National Tree Day, and to celebrate the occasion our Lillipillies teacher Amanda organised a school tree-planting to extend the forest for our feathered and furry friends!


Meditation on the Tanks!